The origin of wedding favors stems back to the aristocrats of Europe. Weddings were viewed as good luck, and gifts were given as a way of passing along that luck to guests. In modern times, choosing gifts for family and friends is an important part of wedding planning. It is an expression of gratitude to those that shared in your special day. Here are some tips to help guide you in the right direction in choosing the perfect wedding favors. 

Wedding Favor Ideas

There are several avenues you can take when deciding on wedding favors. In 2021 doing it yourself is the number one option for many brides. Creative types have taken on the task of making their own souvenirs. This option is cost-effective, and creating your own pieces allows for a more personal touch.

If you are unsure of your crafting abilities, YouTube has many easy-to-follow videos. Sites such as Pinterest offer a variety of ideas and instructions for beginners. If you are unable to craft your own memento but still want the feel of a homemade gift, check out online marketplaces known for handcrafted items such as Etsy. 

Some couples are not able to craft their own wedding favors. In this situation, retailers are best since many can personalize and add alterations. 

DIY Favors for Weddings

Mason jars are the new crave. Combined with your own self-expression, you can use jars to create intimate favors for your guests. Use a mason jar to hold homemade jam then decorate according to your colors. Load them up with trail mix or even seal cupcakes in the jars. 

You could also fill mini jars with local coffee beans, tea, and even different flavors of liquor for your guests to enjoy at home. Oils of your choice paired with tulle sachets filled with potpourri make a simple yet elegant gift. 

Personalized Favors

In 2021, wearing a mask has become part of the norm. Why not embrace what’s been given to you and personalize them? A decorated mask is a cute and timely favor. 

Are you a couple that loves to read? Custom bookmarks will represent you and your fiancé’s individuality. For the music buffs, mini personalized tambourines will level up any wedding reception. 

Nautical tokens of appreciation are perfect for a beach-themed ceremony. Seaside glass coasters or personalized beach candles are excellent choices. Sand and shell photo frames with a personal picture are timeless souvenirs. A handwritten message in a bottle is a unique and personal way to show gratitude.

Eco-friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

For the environmentally-conscious couple, an herb kit is a great gift. Oregano is a perfect choice as it is considered one of the love herbs. It signifies joy and happiness. Lavender is another fitting choice as it represents devotion and everlasting love. Its romantic scent personifies the union of two. 

Seeds symbolize the planting and growth of love. Seed packets can come customized with your monogram for that extra touch. In line with the concept of growth, potted succulents are easy to care for and make a beautiful addition to any room. 

Reusable tote bags also make a great favor. Guests will surely put them to use, reducing the number of single-use plastic bags.

Your wedding day is one of the most magical moments in your life. Showing your appreciation to those that shared that moment is as important as choosing a venue. Follow your heart in deciding the best way to present your gratitude.

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