It takes a lot of planning to make a beach party happen! When rain threatens to ruin the event, it helps to have a backup plan in your pocket. Your beach party can still be a wonderful time even if the skies are gray, and you won’t have to completely reschedule. Before your big day, be sure to compile some beach party ideas before throwing your party indoors. That way, you’re ready for anything! 

Indoor Beach Party Ideas

First things first. The decorations you choose can make your indoor beach party come to life. With inflatable palm trees, grass table skirts, and flip flops everywhere, the room will feel much more tropical. The lighting is also pretty crucial, and outdoor string lights can help create a warm ambiance. 

Once the decorations are right, incorporating beach-themed activities can bring the best of the sandy feelings indoors. This is especially true if you have seashells and inflatable floaties all around you! If you plan for activities outdoors, but you’re worried about rain- – try to include some that can be taken inside. Here’s some inspiration:

  • Decorate Seashells

You can purchase a big bag of seashells from the craft store, along with glue, paint, and glitter. If you want to make them silly, grab some googly eyes and feathers, just to be safe! Using the seashells and art supplies, your guests can create a little memory with this beach-themed art project. 

  • Inflatable Pool Toys

Blow up several pool toys to serve as chairs or party props. It creates a summery feeling, and your guests will probably pick them up and wear them. Pretending to float around is exactly the energy we’re going for, and it can definitely make for some hilarious photos! 

  • Summer Foods

Tell all of your guests to bring their favorite beach snacks to munch on, and you can make your party a potluck. Plus, you’ll have a table full of classic beach-themed foods, like fruit salads, small hoagies, or whatever the favorites are. This is not only cost-efficient, but fun! You can compliment each other’s dishes as you prepare for any picnic games you’ll play. 

Indoor Beach Party Games

This is going to be highly dependent on how much space you have. If you have access to a large area, you can have any of the classic beach games at your event. Three-legged races, potato sack races, and giant ring tosses are all great options. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Inflatable Limbo

How low can you go? With inflatable limbo, you can find out! 

  • BucketBall

As long as you have the space, try to land more buckets than your opponents, just like you would in the sand! 

  • Giant Jenga

Life-sized Jenga with life-sized stakes – you choose the prize! 

  • Create a Sandbox

This won’t be possible everywhere, but when it works, it’s great for sandcastles! Using small kiddie pools filled with sand, you can create tiny indoor beaches. This can provide tons of entertainment and satisfy the urge to play in the sand! Add shells and beach toys to increase the beach vibes, and leave beach towels nearby. 

Having an Indoor Beach Party? Let Us Help!

At Salero, your indoor beach party can be brought together with our beautiful rooftop ocean views! Your guests won’t have to try too hard to imagine that they’re outdoors. If you want to learn more, you can reach us at (302) 841-2229, or continue exploring our website for more information!