December is a time for a family reunion, a special occasion where everyone can reconnect with loved ones, share stories, and create lasting memories. But sometimes, it can be hard to find new ways to make the time fun and memorable. Here are some inspiring and refreshing ideas for hosting a memorable family reunion.

5 Ways to Make Family Reunions Fun

When hosting a family gathering, the main goal is to ensure everyone is having fun and that joyful memories are made. With so many fresh takes on ways to make family reunions fun, it can become stressful and overwhelming.

Here are five fun-filled activities to consider incorporating into a reunion.

1. Trivia Night

Trivia nights aren’t for everyone. But for families that love knowledge and learning new things, add a dash of thrill with a competitive trivia night.

For family reunions, it may be best to break people up into teams. This will encourage mingling, interactions, and possible new connections.

Keep the topics light and fun: pop culture, family history, current events, and more. Be sure to plan out a list of prepared questions and answers.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get everyone moving and in the spirit!

Use clues and challenges to lead participants around the venue, and include meaningful items to add a personal touch. This activity can encourage teamwork while creating fun memories.

3. Family Cook-Off

Whether it’s pies, macaroni and cheese, or chili, all families have a few members that claim to cook a dish the best. With a family cook-off, everyone will get the chance to flex their chef’s muscles!

Not only will this result in delicious food, but everyone will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as they bond over the best dish.

4. Movie Night

Looking for a way to gather everyone for a calm and cozy time? Movie nights are the perfect solution.

Whether it’s classic home videos or popular cinematic entertainment, watching it together will create a nostalgic atmosphere filled with connection and engagement.

Also, remember that movie night doesn’t have to mean indoors. With a projector and large screen, this idea can easily be moved outside.

5. A Classic Family Game Night

Board games, cards, party games, and more. With so many options to choose from, nothing beats a classic game night.

This idea offers endless entertainment, competition, and bonding time. It’s a fantastic way to keep everyone close, create laughter, and make memories!

3 Family Reunion Ideas for Winter

While winter may not be everyone’s first choice for a family reunion, it’s a time full of magic, reconnecting, and lasting memories! Here are three family reunion tips to consider for winter.

1. Embrace the Cold

Winter may be cold, but it’s also beautiful. Embrace it by planning a cozy retreat. Choose a picture-perfect location that’s decorated in snow where you can sip hot chocolate and talk around a fireplace.

With the right location, outdoor activities like sledding and snowboarding can be enjoyed fully.

2. Escape the Chills

Winter doesn’t have to be cold, either. If the family wants to escape the shivers and chills of cold weather, escape to an indoor retreat where heated rooms greet guests.

3. Choose a Unique Venue

Ski resorts and cabin retreats are expected winter retreats and family gathering spots. For an even more memorable time, why not try something more unique, like a beachfront venue?

At Salero, guests can enjoy a fully catered and staffed service and a relaxing view of the crystal clear horizon. It’s the perfect way to create new memories and strengthen family ties!

Bring Everyone Together at Salero

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