Baby showers are meant to shower the mother with gifts and love. It’s a time to celebrate the immensity of life growing in her womb. A baby shower is an unforgettable event in a family’s life, an exciting moment to celebrate new, growing life. A Salero baby shower provides an elegant venue with an ocean-view backdrop to ensure your special day is surrounded by beauty and style. 

Ocean-View Baby Shower Venues

Salero is located on Rehoboth Beach with a stunning landscape of vast ocean, clear skies, and a gorgeous sunset. Choosing such charming surroundings and a relaxing ambiance for your baby shower shows you care about the environment the baby is born into. 

The ocean represents enormous mystery and power, lending itself to symbolize boundlessness and life itself. Therefore, if you want to depict the majesty of new life, the ocean will be your trusted ally.

Celebration of Life

At Salero, we know how important taking care of all the fine details for a day of smooth celebration everyone will remember. This is why we make the planning stages easier than ever by caring for decorations, food, and music. 

Once you pick your package and customize it to your liking, you can shift your focus to celebrating the new birth of life on Earth. 

BBQ Baby Shower

BBQs have long signaled American families to come together in their backyard or front porch to delight in quality time. It’s no surprise why BBQ baby showers have become so popular. They produce a sense of familiarity with the end goal being delicious feel-good food.

What better way of weaving in a traditional home-style atmosphere at your baby shower than having a BBQ? At Saler, we offer smoked packages, including on-site BBQ.

BBQ Menu Options: The Breakdown

At Salero, we offer different package options for you and your loved ones to celebrate new life. Let’s take a deeper look at what these packages entail!

  • Package A includes two different types of meat, two sides, bread with butter, bbq sauce, pickles, onion, one dessert, and coffee, tea, and sodas.
  • Package B includes three types of meat, two sides, bread with butter, bbq sauce, pickles, onion, one dessert, coffee, tea, and sodas.

You can choose from options A or B depending on how many meats you’d like. Both packages include 3 hours of full-service staff time for a minimum of 40 adults. 

To learn more, visit our Smoked Packages page under the Events Packages menu. There, you’ll find all the information needed to plan the event of a lifetime!

Baby Shower Venues Near Me

Showering the mother with gifts and love is made more memorable in a venue curated for perfection. That’s why at Salero, we aim to take care of as much as possible so you can celebrate joyfully with your friends and family.

We are professional event planners catering, decorating, and including additional services to make your day an absolute delight. Our guests are especially taken by our decadent chocolate fountain. There’s nothing like saying “I love you” and “I celebrate you” like chocolate.

We customize your gathering to suit your specific needs. Our in-house chef and owner, David Horton, trained at the acclaimed Johnson and Wales Culinary School, will delight all your senses and taste buds. 

With a diverse, magnificent menu and refreshing cocktails galore, your guests will surely be satisfied while you sit back and enjoy the celebration for life.

Host an Unforgettable Event With Salero!

To get on the phone with one of our caring party planners, call 302-841-2229 or check out our website to contact us today. We’re here to help you bring your visions to life!