What do you wish for this year? With the wide-open space of the outdoors, there are many more possibilities to choose from. We think these outdoor adult birthday party ideas will bring any traditional birthday party to life!

Adult Birthday Party Ideas in the Great Outdoors!

Bringing your party outdoors gives you many more options to celebrate your way. But remember that the sky’s the limit when going for adult birthday party ideas. Guests will enjoy a celebration that is different from the ordinary, and so will you!

Wish on a Shooting Star

Lay out the blankets for this one as you and your friends will spend the night gazing at the stars. Make a wish before blowing out the candles; if you’re lucky, a shooting star will pass by!

Barbeque Bash

Celebrate around a bonfire with your friends and family with some marshmallows and sticks on hand! Play a few tunes on a speaker or use live instruments to set the mood for a warm and toasty evening.

Movie Night

No need to quiet down for this movie! Laugh with friends as you watch your favorite flick on a pull-out screen. Bring pillows and a few camp chairs to make for optimal outdoor seating. Any time of the day is perfect! 

Birthday Beach Day

The sun is shining, and the choices are endless! Bring a few beach games of your choosing, like volleyball or rope for limbo for guests to enjoy. With the ocean just steps away, a beach day is a great option to have more variety with your party. So, are you deciding to throw your happy birthday outdoors on the beach? Salero invites you to check out our blog, Do’s and Don’ts When Throwing a Birthday Party at the Beach, for your perfect beach birthday.

Take a Hike

Are you feeling a bit athletic? Take your athletic team to the rocks and prepare for a bumpy ascend or climb to the top of a mountain to celebrate another year of life while your friends are there to cheer for you. Don’t forget to wear proper shoes as some terrain can be slippery when wet. What a great way to stay in shape while surrounded by the people you love.

Take a Splash

Put on your swimsuit as you dive into a new year around the blistering sun. Taking your party to the pool gives you more room to invite plenty of guests. The more, the merrier! Bring some inflatables to enhance the party experience and get your friends involved. Marco Polo is also a fun game to engage in while soaking in the water. 

These adult birthday party ideas will build up hype for your upcoming day! To bring more excitement to your celebration, Salero offers full-service catering with a scenic view of the oceanfront for guests to take in. Are you looking for the perfect celebration? You get to be in charge of our fully customizable private party options! With our professional services at hand, your next event will outshine the rest. Are you interested to learn more? Look at our website to see how Salero best fits your event needs.