Summer is a time for socialization, partying, kicking back, and really living it up in the moment. The parties you attend in the summertime can become memories that you look back on for a lifetime. Whether that be corporate events, birthday parties, or even just a gathering for the heck of it – you’ll want any party you throw to be something your guests cherish forever. Giving your event an overarching theme can really make the evening feel special and exciting. This is also an easy way to know what decorations, party supplies, and music to center your party around throughout the night. So what are some unique party themes you can use for your next big summer bash? Here at Salero, we know that we can turn your party dreams into reality! Here are some great themes you can use for your next big party this summer.

Party Themes That Will Impress Your Guests

Beyond the typical luau or island-themed summer party, what are some potential themes that can take your event to the next level? We think some of these ideas will really make your guests say “wow” this summer!

Summer Speakeasy

It is the roaring 20’s, after all! Think Great Gatsby-esque for this one. Flapper dresses, prohibition-era chic, and over-the-top glitz and glam! This is a super fun way to play on the nostalgia and glamor of this particular era and on the beach no less! Require a period-accurate dress code for your guests. Make the bar feel secret and secluded. Even hire a big-time jazz band for entertainment. This is sure to be a night for your guests to remember as they relive the infamously decadent decade. 

Wild Wild West

Another tantalizingly nostalgic era for your guests to revel in, a Wild Wild West themed party will surely be something they are bound to remember. Consider creating a “Wanted” themed, sepia-toned photo booth where party-goers can take pictures. Maybe even rent out a mechanical bull! Think cowboy hats and boots, bandanas, and a whiskey neat. Even arrange for line-dancing lessons on the dancefloor. The possibilities are endless!

Brunching & Summer Picnic

This is a great option if you’re looking to throw something a little more kid-friendly. Set up some outdoor games like frisbee, wheelbarrow races, cornhole, and more! Have a signature mimosa drink for the adults, and offer up a delicious assortment of brunch favorites. Luckily, Salero has a hand-crafted brunch menu, created by renowned Johnson & Wales chef David Horton. Gingham-style tablecloths, fresh-cut flowers, and rustic decor would work beautifully for this theme.

Deep-Sea Underwater 

Conveniently located right on the stunning seaside of Rehoboth Beach, this is a perfect theme when booking your next summer event at Salero. Think blue lighting, mermaids, seashells, and starfish! You’ll want to make your guests feel like they’re actually underwater, and arrange a beautiful menu of seafood favorites. This can be especially fun for young children who have an affinity for the ocean!

Classic 4th of July

You can never go wrong with throwing this classic summertime bash. Independence Day is widely celebrated across the country and is a favorite for many. The fireworks, sparklers, hotdogs, burgers, and pool parties come to mind for this one. If you want to take your typical backyard BBQ to the next level, you may want to consider Salero for your next 4th of July celebration. Move from the pool to the seaside, and enjoy The 4th of July to the utmost!

Summer Holidays That Last for a Lifetime 

If only the summer lasted forever – with an incredible party theme, it can! There are dozens of themed parties to choose from this summer, and Salero can make your unique vision a reality. Consider us when choosing a venue for your next big event. Five-star food, unforgettable beach views, and top-tier service – what could be better? Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you. Party planning is our passion!