Teachers are superheroes. They instruct kids to be the best version of themselves while guiding them to greater possibilities. Yet, teachers often go underappreciated. With all the hard work and dedication that goes into a successful school year, consider throwing a teacher appreciation party! 

At a loss for what a teacher appreciation party entails? Not to worry – here at Salero, we’ve got you covered. Consider these top suggestions for throwing a memorable party for the teachers in your life! 

The Essentials of Teacher Appreciation Week

Firstly, make your teacher appreciation festivities an entire week-long event. Yes, teachers deserve a full week of celebrating (if not more!). For the remarkable educators in our lives, teacher appreciation week is a way to feel seen and respected. They work tirelessly year-round, often in unpredictable circumstances, to keep the school year’s progress moving forward.

There are many ways to sprinkle appreciation activities throughout an entire school week. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

Breakfast Extravaganza 

Start the week off strong with a breakfast spread. Consider getting catering from a nearby favorite restaurant to provide the teachers with a wholesome breakfast. That way, they’ll be able to enjoy their morning meal before they start their busy days. 

Pizza Picnic

Break up the mid-week slump by hosting a pizza picnic outdoors. Invite the students to join in, too! It’s a great social activity for the students and staff members to bond with each other.

Buffet Spread 

Offer a buffet spread in the staff lounge to provide the teachers with their lunch. Providing meals for staff is a great way to show them that you value and appreciate their time.

Happy Hour

Throw a happy hour in the staff lounge after all of the students have gone home for the day. It’s fun to get to know your colleagues in a more casual environment.

Need-to-Know Teacher Appreciation Ideas

With those great tips in mind, there are a few other teacher appreciation ideas to incorporate into the week. Remember, teachers deserve thoughtful, creative expressions of gratitude! Here are a few ideas to take your appreciation week to the next level:

Personalized Cards

Surprise the teachers with personalized thank you cards. Have students and fellow staff members write a few cards for each teacher. A handwritten note is perfect for making anyone feel seen, especially teachers. Plus, sharing individual gratitude with them is a great way to make them feel valued for their devotion to teaching.


To bring staff members together, create a school trivia game. Assign teams and test the staff’s knowledge about their coworkers. Then, present the winning team with a well-deserved prize, like classroom supplies or a gift card.


Speaking of supplies – offering your teachers supplies is a fantastic way to give back. Classroom supplies like writing utensils, loose-leaf paper, chalk, Expo markers, and more are in high demand. However, there’s often a shortage of these items. Create a gift basket for each teacher with needed school supplies. Bonus points if you add some sweet treats and your personalized card in there!


Have you heard of a teacher award ceremony? If not, this idea is a playful and clever way to show appreciation. Assign each teacher a superlative and present it to them during a makeshift award ceremony. Include both lighthearted superlatives and genuine recognition of staff accomplishments and triumphs.

Monetary Donations

Lastly, offering monetary donations is a meaningful way to give back. Often, teachers spend their own money to create a warm and inviting classroom environment for their students. Delivering a monetary donation is a surefire way to make your teachers feel celebrated. Consider an Amazon gift card or a personalized check for this offering. 

Celebrate the Teachers in Your Life

It can’t be said enough: teachers are truly superheroes. Though they deserve to be celebrated year-round, a whole week of teacher appreciation is a perfect way to share your gratitude. If you’re looking to take your ideas for teacher appreciation week to the next level, consider booking a venue! 

Here at Salero, we have an oceanfront venue complete with a 5-star chef and proximity to downtown Rehoboth. Our top-of-the-line team will make your teacher appreciation dreams come to fruition!

Reach out to see how you can get started.