Hosting a corporate event can be stressful if you are not properly prepared. There are usually many attendees from multiple companies and important representatives from your own brand. However, if you properly plan preparations, hosting a corporate event can be a highly productive, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. Here is the ultimate event planning checklist to ensure your corporate event is smooth sailing. 

Select the Event’s Date

This may sound like an obvious first step but it is one that takes lots of coordination and planning. Choosing an optimal date meets deciding on the best date for multiple professionals and even companies. To make things easier, consider having a few dates in mind before you go meeting with a venue. This way you can work with the best location to coordinate a date that fits. You will also need to know important dates within your company so you can plan around them and choose the optimal date for the corporate event. 

Have A Comprehension Budget

Just like for any major company expense, having a budget is essential to a corporate event running properly. A budget can help you decide what you can spend a little extra on and what is not essential. It can also help choose what kind of food and how much needs to be brought to the event. Other factors for a budget include drink options, tickets, catering, and equipment rentals. 

Create A Plan for the Entire Event

Think of the corporate event as a show with the audience needing to be constantly accounted for. Will there be guest speakers, group activities, and time to mingle? If so, when and how will each of these take place? Having a descriptive schedule will help the event flow more smoothly. Be sure to include time for breaks if the event spans multiple hours. 

Book Speakers 

Guest speakers are a great way to allow the event to grow smoothly. They can motivate the audience while also reminding everyone of why they are attending the event in the first place. Having a list of speakers can make the booking process easier. Some speakers may be reluctant if they are not compensated. See if this is part of your event’s budget. Others may simply not be interested or steered away by prior interests. For these reasons, having a large list of potential speakers can be highly beneficial. 

Determine the Event’s Goal

This is something that executives need to determine prior to the event but be the focus of the entire event planning process. Is the goal of the event to boost company sales or raise morale and team bonding? Whatever it is, planning around the event’s goal will help the goal be reached more effectively. 

Plan for the Audience Size

The phrase “know your audience” is more important than ever when planning for a corporate event. The person planning must account for seating, food, drinks, equipment, and guest supplies if needed. The audience size will also be essential to know when choosing a venue. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a venue too small for a large crowd. 

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