Finally, you are going to get to have your dream wedding. At Salero On the Beach, you can have your beach wedding with an awesome reception, dancing, and enjoy your family and friends. Now you need to get to the planning, starting with the bridesmaid dresses.

What Should I Consider When Deciding on Bridesmaid Beach Dresses?

Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing beach dresses for bridesmaids:

The Bride’s Dress

When selecting your beach dresses for bridesmaids, think about your wedding dress. Are you wearing a formal white or ivory dress? Or more of a casual light dress? Your beach wedding bridesmaids’ dresses should be of a similar tone to yours. Your bridesmaids do not have to wear dresses that are exactly the same, but you don’t want them to look like they belong at a different wedding ceremony.

The Season of Your Wedding 

Try to match your bridesmaid dresses to the season. A simple afternoon summer event with light flowers and light drinks might be your dream. You want to stand barefoot in the sand with the man you love. You would choose light, airy dresses for this wedding.

A formal evening winter wedding might be your preference. You see everyone in full tuxedos and beautiful dresses and your guests all bundled up. The beach locale is an extra plus. Choose full velvet gowns if that is what you want.

Ask Your Bridesmaids What They Like 

Nothing will make your bridesmaids love you more than if you ask them about the dresses. Choose dresses that help your bridesmaids feel beautiful and comfortable.

Recent trends have bridesmaids wearing the same dress but in different shades. Pantone, a highly respected color company issues “the color of the year” each year. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are the colors for 2021. The Gray/Silver combination is beautiful when paired with Illuminating, which is a reflective yellow/gold. These colors are very versatile and can be used in so many ways. Darker to lighter shades of gray and yellow are beautiful together.

Another trend is to get away from the “one dress suits all” look. Instead, let each bridesmaid choose a dress that follows the basic style and cut parameters but is more individualized to her taste and size. If possible, choose a dress in the approved hue; if not the bridesmaid’s dress may need to be dyed.

What Is Different About a Beach Bridesmaids Dress?

The three guidelines listed above are the things our experts at Salero on the Beach always recommend you consider when selecting your bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen tuxedos, and even your guest’s recommended attire. You can have an evening semi-formal event on the beach. You might select long sleeves and long skirts for the beach dresses for bridesmaids.

Indicate the choices you make for attire on the invitations. Your guests will be more comfortable knowing the expected dress suggestions in advance.

What About Footwear?

Another very important aspect of the bridesmaid’s beach dress is her footwear. Wedges may work, but sandals or even bare feet, are preferable . A cute display with a range of flip flops in the most common ladies’ and men’s sizes at the beginning of the beach allows everyone to swap shoes for the beach service, then return to their shoes when leaving the beach. This way they can enjoy their high heels and dress shoes at the reception. You can also give away those cute flip-flops as wedding favors

The key to choosing the bridesmaid’s beach dress for a wedding is to select what makes you and your bridesmaids happy and comfortable. Be open and versatile, not stuck in that wedding dream that you have had since you were 10. But do not go against your heart. It is your wedding and you want it to be perfect. After all, you will be showing off the pictures forever.