Cheers to your golden 50th anniversary! This is a commemorative moment that you’ll want to cherish for years to come. Salero would share a few vow renewal ideas for your upcoming ceremony to commemorate this event. In addition, this opportunity to celebrate a significant milestone in your life offers many ways to personalize your life. 

Your Perfect Vow Renewal

At Salero, we understand what it means to strive for perfection. But, of course, your life-long journey with your significant other deserves to be celebrated appropriately! Look at our blog, 5 Ideas to Create an Intimate Vow Renewal Celebration, to find the perfect way to celebrate your vowel renewal.

Vow Renewal Ideas For the Big 50

Your love for your partner was built to last. So it’s only fitting that we offer you vowel renewal ideas that leave a lasting impression on your guests. Salero only wants the best for your event, especially since this one only happens once! Browse these ideas to see which works perfectly for your beautiful union celebration.

Presenting Your Memories

Celebrating your 50th anniversary means tons of memories were made between you and your loved one. This is the opportunity to share those memories with guests and have them break out of the tissue box. Create a PowerPoint or video that showcases your wonderful past moments to your loved ones.

Remembering The First Day

Take a time machine to your initial wedding day; what do you see? Bring back your old photos, clothes, and different memorabilia to present to your guests for a surefire reaction.

Lots of Pictures!

Hire a photographer, and bring in a photo booth because memories are created to last! Just like your love commitment, photos are always and forever. Pictures should capture these precious moments for you and other family members to enjoy later.

Custom Desserts

For your 50th anniversary, feel free to have yummy desserts curated to your liking. Display your golden achievement or print personalized photos onto cookies for guests to enjoy. Hand-dipped strawberries in chocolate with gold accents make great for a tasty treat.

Play a game

Quiz your guests on who knows the most about the lovebirds! Many family members will score an A+ on this test, while others will hurry to find the answers. Find out who’s been paying attention to the lovely couple after all this time! This activity will engage people, and laughter will bubble in the air. This is a perfect way to break the ice and get the party moving.

The color is…gold!

Gold is a significant accent for your anniversary. If you’d like, base your theme around gold decor to make the venue sparkle. Spread a red carpet for the devoted couple to walk down in style. This is your runway; make it fit!

Bring Your Writing Skills

If you happen to be a fellow poet (or one in training,) take out your pens! It’s time to pour your heart and soul out to your partner. Before you read your poems, make sure that you tap a glass to get everyone’s attention. The moment is yours to say what you’d like, so think wisely.

Salero understands how important it is for your wedding anniversary to be extra special. Our staff at Salero can help you choose the right plan for your crucial day. Announce your vows with the stunning ocean waves as your backdrop. If you’re looking to cater your next event, we offer cocktail-style menus that will more than impress your guests. If you’d like to learn more, visit our website or contact us today.