The beach is a beautiful place to kick off your shoes and relax, take a dip in the ocean, and spend the day. Pretty simple and minimal attire is required. However, when it comes to a beach wedding, some guests may feel confused about what is appropriate, what they’ll be comfortable in, and how formally they should dress. 

The beach theme allows guests to dip into their more comfortable attire while still looking classy and put together. It’s the best of both worlds.

Here’s a guide to wedding attire for a beach wedding! 

Venue attire formality 

The formality of the venue will help to select your outfit. Check the website and see where the ceremony and reception will be taking place. If the ceremony is on the sand, you can opt for more comfortable shoes—flats, sandals, or a chunky heel for women, loafers for guys—and breezier fabrics so you can stay cool. 

If the ceremony is on a patio or a roof overlooking the beach, but you won’t actually be on the beach, plan your outfit as usual. 

Dressing in refined but comfortable clothing is the secret to looking good at a beach wedding. 

Beach wedding attire recommendations

If you’re lucky, the wedding invitation may clarify what the attire should look like. Experts advise that if you’re unsure exactly what attire is best, always err on the side of caution and stick to semi-formal wedding attire. 

For women at a beach wedding, attire can be anything from a maxi dress to a sundress or breathable jumpsuit. Women can lean into the beach theme by selecting fun, bright patterns that add a fun element to the setting. 

For men, opt for a crisp button-up and dress pants. A summer suit is also a great option if you have one. Suits can be warm at the beach, but the fabric makes all the difference! 

If beach casual is appropriate, select a nice pair of shorts and a polo, or a short-sleeve button-up. 

Be sure to consider the weather when selecting your outfit for a beach wedding. If it gets chilly once the sun goes down or will be windy during the ceremony, women should add a light cardigan sweater to their outfits. Men can select a long sleeve shirt or a light jacket, just in case.

Attire to avoid at a beach wedding

For women, try to avoid dark colors (they will keep you too warm and uncomfortable during the ceremony) and any type of heel. Sand is impossible to walk in while wearing high heels, and you don’t want to be falling all over the place!  

For guys, stay away from the dark business suits and tuxedos. Avoid wearing flip-flops with long pants. If you plan to remove your shoes, opt for a loafer style instead and cuff the hem for a more polished look.

Don’t be afraid to leave the tie at home!  

Beach casual is often the attire that brides encourage for guests, but this doesn’t mean you should wear your bathing suit. Avoid swimsuits, board shorts, and beach flip-flops so you still look put together.

Most wedding invitations and venues do a great job of clarifying the wedding attire for guests. If not, this guide should give you a few outfit ideas so you’ll be looking your best, while also staying comfortable for the beach setting. 

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