A wedding is a day worth remembering, and we want to make it as memorable as possible for both the bride and the groom. Planning a wedding is no easy feat these days. Amidst all of the expenses and logistics, it can be easy to forget some essential aspects. Below is a wedding checklist that people often forget when planning their big day.

Create a timeline

First and foremost, you’ll want a visual checklist for wedding planning. It’s best to create a timeline in Excel or Google Sheets and make sure that you include all the significant tasks in the process. This will help you stay on top of things and not miss critical deadlines.  

Decide on a Budget

When deciding on what you can afford, it’s best to break your budget into categories (e.g., venue, food, drinks). You can then calculate how much each category will cost based on your guest list size and other factors. Such factors as time of year or time of day for the wedding ceremony/reception) can affect your budget a lot more than you may think. Certain times of the year and certain days of the week may be more cost-effective than others. It also helps to think about what is most important to you. 

Decide on What You Want Your Colors to Be

Wedding colors are often a big decision when getting married. A bride and groom will want to consider the season, location, and other factors to determine what colors they’ll use for the event. Explore the different color schemes to help make this decision easier. 

Hire Your Photographer or Videographer

On your big day, your photographer will capture all the most memorable moments. Some people might want to hire a professional, but you could also ask a friend for help.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer, there are many options. This might be a good option if you want the best quality and don’t settle for anything less. However, you can also hire a friend or relative to take photos on your big day. It’s an affordable option that will yield good results.

Schedule The Rehearsal Dinner

A wedding rehearsal dinner is an important event for the wedding party and their guests. It’s where they come together to celebrate the bride and groom’s marriage before the big day. It’s also a time to ensure all the attendants know what they should do on their respective days. A wedding rehearsal dinner is typically held the day before the ceremony or the morning of. Rehearsal breakfasts are becoming more popular than dinners and maybe something to consider. 

Find an Officiant

Choosing an officiant for your wedding can be difficult. It is good to find someone who will have the right balance of humor, passion, and eloquence. When you find that perfect match, they will help you create the perfect ceremony that reflects your story, culture, and values. Your officiant can help create a marrying ceremony that is meaningful and memorable for everyone in attendance. Officiants can be a friend or family member who’s been ordained or a member of the community. 

Find a Venue for Your Reception

Wedding receptions are a time for people to celebrate the joyous occasion of the wedding. Although they take place after the ceremony, they also serve as a celebration for those who couldn’t make it to the ceremony. The guests are where we see family and friends come together with the bride and groom and share in their joy. The main custom for many is the bride and groom kiss at midnight before heading off to their honeymoon. Salero is a great venue option that will help with your wedding planning checklist to make your big day as perfect as you envision it to be.