Planning a corporate event can be a fun challenge. It’s not a standard task for most employees and can be a creative outlet for many. Corporate parties are important for employee satisfaction, collaboration, and a sense of teamwork among employees and their superiors. 

Corporate events allow for everyone within an organization to socialize outside of work, establish rapport and ultimately, work better together. It’s not all fun and games, though!

The pressure is on to plan a memorable event that makes all attendees feel appreciated for their hard work. This includes both employees and partners.

If you’re looking for a corporate event venue, here are a few tips to find the best one:

Does the Venue Meet Your Organization’s Needs?

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you’ll need to seek out locations that offer what your event requires. For example, if it’s a conference or large meeting, you’ll want to ensure they have adequate meeting space. Also, it is ideal that it has a projector screen and a speaker’s podium, and enough seating space. 

Meanwhile, if it’s a corporate party you’re planning, you’ll need to confirm that the venue has room for things like a dance floor, DJ booth, tables and chairs, a bar area (and the ability to serve alcohol if you want it), catering abilities, a serving staff, and much more. 

The Quality and Condition of the Facility & Staff 

Your organization has high standards — does the venue reflect those standards in its appearance, staff, and offerings? 

If you have to think about this in detail, the answer is likely no. 

Corporate events take extensive time, effort, and money to plan. You have a lot of people —including employees, customers, partners, prospects, family members— to impress. So, the venue you select should reflect your organization’s values. 

Do your research on each venue you visit. Read reviews or testimonials from previous clients, if they are available. Try to find photographs of previous events hosted at the venue, and evaluate if it reflects how you’d like this event to look.

Try to get a feel for the management when you meet with them. How helpful and available are the staff you’ll be working with, including conference management, the executive chef, and catering managers, if applicable. 

Meeting the people who play crucial roles in the success of your event will either give you peace of mind or encourage you to keep looking. 

Additional Venue Offerings

Some venues offer their space for rent and partner with local vendors and businesses to bring in food, entertainment, equipment, and other rentals. Deciding which is a better option for your company will make it easier to rule out particular venues. 

For some events, having everything in-house is a more efficient option. This is because there are fewer pieces to coordinate, one contract to sign, and it’s often a better financial option versus hiring out multiple vendors. 

If your event has a large budget and you are planning on hiring additional vendors like entertainment or custom food options, it might make sense to just rent a space and fully customize it to your organization’s liking. 

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