Wedding season is upon us, and there’s no better time than now to start envisioning the perfect summer wedding of your dreams. The summertime is just brimming with romance. Peachy sunsets, all-encompassing warmth, long & lazy days spent on the beach. Endless opportunities for stunning wedding photos. 

So many people dream of having a picture-perfect summer wedding. Although the positives of a summertime wedding are seemingly countless, there are also some things you’ll need to prepare for in advance. For an idyllic wedding venue in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, look no further than Salero to make all of your summer-wedding dreams come true.

Venues for Weddings in the Summertime

So what factors should you take into account when planning your summer wedding? Start simple by asking yourself, “what am I envisioning?” Perhaps you want an indoor wedding overlooking the beach. Or maybe you prefer to be on the beach itself right at sunset. What are some of the colors, flowers, and decor you see associated with your big day? This is the fun part, where you can begin to brainstorm ways to make your dream a reality!

On a more practical level, you’ll also need to consider the complications that may arise when planning a summer wedding, as well. Although the summertime is associated with fabulous weather, that may not always be the case. If you’re craving an outdoor setting for your ceremony, the beach is always a gorgeous option. However, it’s smart to have a backup plan in case of rain or thunder. (They do say rain is good luck on a wedding day, though!) This is why Salero is such a fantastic venue to consider when planning your big day. Your guests will still be overlooking a picturesque seaside backdrop during your ceremony, giving you and your beloved a gorgeous setting to exchange your vows in. 

You’ll also want to consider the amenities when choosing your wedding venue. How do you want you and your guests to feel on your special day? How much space would you like, and do you want the option to be both indoors and outdoors during the cocktail hour and reception? 

Many people choose a summertime wedding because of the variety it offers you and your guests. Your guests can revel in the gentle breeze of the ocean during cocktail hour, they can dance the night away on the dance floor and then move outside to enjoy a breath of fresh air, guests can dip their toes in the ocean, and you yourself can even run into the water with your beloved as the night comes to an end. This is pure romance! Salero is conveniently located on the beach for this very reason: to give you and your guests variety.

A Delaware Wedding Venue that Exceeds Expectations

It’s essential that you give yourself permission to be as creative as possible when starting the wedding planning process. Salero honors this creativity by making all of our packages entirely customizable to suit your unique vision. With so many incredible amenities like an in-house projector to showcase video compilations or photos taken on your wedding day itself, you can make use of the space in whatever way best suits your needs. 

The summer season is an excellent time of year for refreshing and delightful drinks. With our professional bar and waitstaff, we can even handcraft a signature wedding drink for your guests to enjoy. The possibilities are truly endless when planning the summer wedding of your dreams. To learn more about how we can bring life to your beautiful vision, you can contact us directly, or visit our Event Inquiry page to book your next Salero event.