There’s nothing quite like a good beach day to celebrate your birthday. The warm sun, golden sand, and awe-inspiring ocean views remind us how lucky we are to be alive. Add some friends and good food, and you’re basically in heaven! But where can you host a happy birthday beach party?

Let’s face it, most beaches are crowded on a nice day. Kids are screaming, volleyballs are flying, and seagulls are screeching. What if, for once, you could be loud and just celebrate without any the distractions? Somewhere that nobody would judge you and you, and your friends could take up as much space as you wanted? This is why we’re here at Salero.

Salero Private Events: Happy Birthday at The Beach

There are so many ways to spend your birthday. You could get some good food, see a movie, go dancing, play games, go swimming, or gaze up at the nighttime sky. Well, why not have all of these things on your birthday? 

Salero is a stunning indoor and outdoor venue that offers fully customizable private parties on our gorgeous oceanside property. Here are a few ways you could have a happy birthday at the beach with Salero:

Have a Barbeque

Salero offers full-service catering to its guests. You and your friends can enjoy the meal of your choice while overlooking the Atlantic. Just sit back and enjoy each bite with the sound of waves crashing back and forth. Everything is taken care of for you. No need to cook, clean, or worry. This is your day to eat, drink, and be merry! 


Do you enjoy volleyball? Or perhaps you want to throw a football around with your friends? Maybe you prefer to do a little surfing or boogie boarding? What about Marco Polo?! The beach at Salero is a perfect place to be a kid again on your birthday! Let the golden beach be your playground for the day.

Go For a Swim

Escape the sun for a few minutes and take a dip in the ocean. Bring some inflatables and float into the sea with a drink in your hand. Bring your friends with you and enjoy the ride! For the day, the ocean will feel like it’s yours!


Bring a speaker and bump your favorite tunes. This is your day to dance around in your bathing suit with your friends! Life is meant to be celebrated. So why not wiggle your body and enjoy?

Watch A Movie

After the sun goes down, you may decide you want to bring the energy down a bit too. If you’ve never watched a movie on the beach, you’re missing out! Bring a pull-out screen, lounge out with a few camp chairs and pillows, and just relax. You and your friends can be as loud as you want, and no one will be there to shush you! 

Do Some Star Gazing

After the movie has ended, it might be time to embrace the beauty of the natural world. You could lay some blankets out on the sand and gaze up at the sky. There is nothing like twinkling stars in your eyes and crashing waves in your ears. These special moments will turn into extraordinary memories. 

The Perfect Beach Birthday At Salero

Are you ready to have the perfect beach birthday party? A party that is catered to your desires? Contact Salero today to plan your next birthday bash. There’s no need to waste time going to a public beach hoping that it won’t be crowded. Book our private beach and let us create the birthday celebration of your dreams. We look forward to having you!