Are you looking for creative and unique baby shower ideas? A winter wonderland baby shower is a great way to celebrate the most memorable event in a family’s life: the birth of a child. The key things to consider when planning a winter wonderland baby shower are decorations, food, and activities for guests.

Some people like to go all out with the decorations and setup; others prefer to keep things simple. What kind of food would you like to have served? What games do you need? These are all important considerations.

The Perfect Menu

The perfect baby shower menu consists of food that is easy to eat while you are mingling with guests, that will be easy to prepare, and that will fill everyone up without feeling too heavy.

The first course should consist of a soup or salad. Serve a creamy tomato soup or a fresh green salad, for example. These options are filling but also satisfying. They also pair well with bread, which you can set out in baskets on the table for guests to help themselves. The second course should consist of an entree dish like meatloaf or roasted chicken breast, alongside vegetables like potatoes, broccoli, carrots, or squash.

If you would rather keep the food light and choose a buffet style, sandwiches, wraps, fruit, vegetables, and small appetizers make excellent baby shower foods.

For dessert, think about small portion options like brownies, cookies, or cupcakes in winter themes. Cookies can be in the shape of snowflakes. Also, you can decorate some cupcakes with edible glitter and frosted in wintery colors to look like freshly fallen snow.

The baby shower cake can be a traditional sheet cake decorated to fit the theme; or, think outside the box and have a french macaron tower or cake pop tower.

Let’s Decorate

The beauty and the variety of decor options make winter wonderland themes some of the most popular baby shower ideas every year. For example, tulle, soft white string lights, glittery silver ribbons, and snowflake ornaments are popular decorations that add whimsical touches to a winter wonderland baby shower. Baby shower decor is typically centered around soft, delicate colors. Winter wonderland’s white, silver, and blue express the delicateness of both a new baby and freshly fallen show. Give mom a special place to sit—a plush, comfortable chair—and decorate the area with a silvery backdrop, lighted white tree branches, and snowflake ornaments. Also, a fluffy white rug can mimic the softness of the snow-covered ground.

Fun and Games

You can put a wintery spin on many traditional baby shower games. For a Guess How Many Type Of game, you can fill a jar with winter-themed candies or white gumdrops to represent snowballs. Winter charades is a fun game, including guests acting out activities like building a snowman, skiing, making snow angels, and more. You can come up with a variety of winter-themed activities for guests to act out. Instead of charades, you can have guests pair into teams and take turns guessing what winter song, phrase, movie, or object is being drawn.

Prizes for games don’t have to be elaborate, and can include winter-themed prizes like hand cream and lip balms, coffee and tea mugs, and cozy winter blankets.

Parting Gifts

Favor ideas for baby showers with a winter wonderland theme can be simple, cute, and practical. For example, pairs of mittens, cozy winter socks, candles, hot chocolate mixes, tree saplings, and pine cone fire starters are all unique and creative favors your guests will love.

If you are an aunt-to-be looking for a special place to host a winter wonderland or any themed baby shower, Salero On The Beach can assist with planning the perfect event for the expectant parents. Reach out to Salero On The Beach today and let us help you plan this special event.